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You are here: Villages The Alpes-Maritimes Spéracèdes
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Speracedes village of Speracedes
Far from the crowds on the coast, Spéracède's coat of arms features a crowned goat, symbolizing the village's 1911 separation from the municipality of the neighboring village of Cabris (meaning baby goats, in French). It is the home to many olive groves, and a offers spectacular panoramic view towards the Bay of Cannes and the St Cassien Lake.
The Village is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year, with many events planned beginning in June 2011. Visit the village's official website for details of events to come: www.speracedes.fr. Visit Speracèdes Comié des Fêtes website for the latest events.
Mairie de Spéracèdes, Bd Docteur Sauvy, 06530 Spéracèdes, Tèl :, Fax :