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Residents of this region are lucky to have access to music lessons in their villages through the many talented musicians who perform, and teach in our region. Adults and children can can select from several schools in the area and register for lessons and workshops throughout the year. These schools also offer the opportunity to hear these young musicians play during recitals held throughout the year. Here are a few options:

Conservatoire Départemental de Musique, 66 route de Grenoble, 06200 Nice. Telephone 04 93 83 60 40, email: edmam@orange.fr, site web:www.edm06.fr. or facebook page. The school offers piano, violin, viola cello, flute, trumpet, and drum lessons and musi theory classes in St Vallier, Saint Cézaire.



Tribal Roch is an association located at 7 chemin du Suye in Peymeinade offering a variety of contempory music lessons in jazz, rock and blues including guitar, piano, singing, drums, clarinette and saxophone. For information on the lessons and professors, contact Frédérc Schwentzel at 07 82 20 10 92 or Frederic.schwentzel@gmail.com or visit their website

Vonny Marshall Edwards is a professional singer and Vocal Coach offering voice lessons to adults and children. Visit her facebook page for details or telephone her on 0699777620 or by email at : yjmesong@gmail.com