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Welcome to Outback Riviera

The backcountry or "Outback" of the French Riviera is home to many rural villages that offer a wide variety of sports and cultural activities to its residents and visitors. As cultural and sport activities play an important part in a child's education, "Outback Riviera" was created in 2011 as a means of communicating the year-round cultural, sports events, classes and workshops available in these rural villages both through our website.


We believe that a well rounded education is the key to success of future generations and should be available to all young people wherever they live. With this objective in mind, our association has become involved in projects aimed at increasing young people’s access to education in the rural communities worldwide.


Our efforts include fundraising events and cultural exchange missions with volunteers who desire to share their knowledge to benefit the objectives and missions of the association. Our current programs support educational programs in Vietnam and Sri Lanka. If you have a skill or talent you would like to share and are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact us.



Outback Riviera is currently raising funding for the children on the Island of Du Vinh Vietnam. Your small donation or sponsorship will enable a young child to continue school under better conditions, or volunteer your time to teach English during the school year.

Please follow this link to read about the children of Duy Vinh, and see how you can help.

The Bodhiraja Foundation, Sri Lanka

This foundation is dedicated to improving the life of the people in its community through religious meditation, educational services, health and social services. They are not asking for monetary contributions, but are in search of people willing to dedicate their time to help in their area of expertise. Read more...

Watch our video to learn more





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A Reminder, Volunteer Opportunities are available in 2018, in Sri Lanka.

If you're interested in traveling on a budget, volunteer your time teaching English or just lending a hand in Sri Lanka with the Bodihiraja Foundation (www.bodhirajafoundation.org). Contact us.


This region of the South of France, above the French Riviera coast offers B&B's & self-catering holiday villassports activities for all ages, music & theatre workshops, activities for children.  Visit our

natural parks

 and enjoy the natural beauth of the Riviera Outback. Book an organized tour, or plan your visit around local events & festivals including 

Cello-Fan, Callian July 11th, Rencontres des Laureats de Conservatoire (chambre music) Saint Cézaire sur Siagne 

July 9-14, Festi-Jazz Saint Cézaire August 4-11, International Festival of Guitar Montauroux August 9-12. Travel responsibly and help support our local communities!